Certified Reviews is a child of Adzzup and together we’re a pacesetter that navigates small to medium sized business, to their ultimate success.

Studies show that 92% of online consumers read online reviews.

In order for you to achieve ultimate success, gaining the trust, confidence & loyalty of customers is the forefront of your battle. With Certified Reviews you can show prospective clients that you’re the real deal, acclaimed by customers like themselves.

How does it work?

Building value with potential clients is one of the toughest hurdles a business can face. With Adzzup Certified Reviews, you can break that barrier as soon as a customer reaches your landing page.

Satisfied clients will leave positive testimonials, comments, and rate your business in the Certified Review Widget. Our form is visually encapturing, which means that ready-to-buy customers will enter your site and be immediately drawn to it.

Start noticing a difference in the quality of your leads, and choose Izon Systems for your Certified Review needs. As a leader in digital marketing, we guarantee quality products at excellent prices.

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